Would you like to digitize photos and documents, or discover the image on those old slides and negatives? Archive Your Past can help!

Digitize your visual memories!
Don’t send your memories off to high-priced digitization companies!  Let Archive Your Past help you preserve your memories with high quality scans. We can scan regular photo prints, fragile or delicate prints, oversized or very small photos, documents, newspapers, articles, and more! 

Scanning quality can vary greatly depending on the condition and film processing method of the photo.  We work with an Epson V850 scanner to provide you with the best image that we can craft. 

Together, we will talk about grouping and labeling your images so the project meets your needs.   We can group your images by years, events, family branches, topics or any other idea you have. 

Send Archive Your Past an email.  Let’s get the conversation started.

Digitization Treatment and Pricing
All photographs are:
Treated with compressed air or electrostatic brush for dust removal
Rotated to correct orientation
Full frame cropped
Color and exposure corrected
Handled with archival quality gloves during process

Paper Photos 4 x 6 or less

Scanned at 1200 dpi


Paper Photos up to 5 x 7 to 8 x 10

Scanned at 600 dpi


Documents and Large Photos up to
8 x 11 to 11 x 14

Scanned at 3000 dpi


Preservation Quality 

Scanned as TIFF at 1200 dpi


All photographs must be removed from albums by the customer.  You choose between a black and white image or keeping the natural patina of the photograph.

All slides and negatives are:
Treated with compressed air or electrostatic brush for dust removal
Color and exposure corrected
Rotated to proper orientation
Handled with archival quality gloves during process

35mm Color Slide   Scanned at 3000 dpi $.50/each
35mm and APS negatives
color or black and white
Scanned at 3000 dpi $.50/each
110, 126, 127 Slides/Negatives
Stereo slides, 35mm single frame negatives
Scanned at 3000 dpi $1.00/each
35 mm negative strips Scanned at 3000 dpi $1.00/strip

As a bonus, you will have a chance to view the slide or negative images and delete 20% of the images at no cost to you. 

You may ask why it is more expensive to digitize individual photographs than to digitize slides and negatives.  Photographs cannot be scanned in bulk and the larger DPI requires a longer scan time.  Negative and slides can be scanned in bulk.  Their smaller size requires less scan time. 

How do you want to view your images? 
We can save them to a DVD for $15 per disc
We can save them to an 8 GB flash drive (up to 1000 images) for $20
We can save them to your cloud (you provide account information) for $20

Preserve Your Photos, Slides, and Negatives!
To preserve your visual memories in storage materials that are acid-free, lignin-free, and pH neutral, consider our organizational options*:
Photograph storage boxes
Slide storage boxes (holds 600 slides)
Slide storage cases (holds 2000 slides)
Storage Albums with 50 page protectors (stores photos, documents, slides, and negatives)  
Storage Albums with 150 page protectors (stores photos, documents, slides, and negatives)  
Negative storage cases

*Pricing for these options depends on your collection needs.

I don’t perform photograph colorization, but I can refer you to someone that does!

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