Individual Pricing

          We offer both local service and nationwide (USA) mail order! 

 Individual Pricing Guide: 

Paper Photos 4 x 6 or less scanned at 1200 dpi = $3.00/each
Paper Photos up to 5 x 7 to 8 x 10 scanned at 600 dpi = $3.00/each
Documents and Large Photos up to 8 x 11 to 11 x 14 scanned at 3000 dpi = $4.00/each
Preservation Quality scanned as TIFF at 1200 dpi = $8.00/each
You choose between a black and white digital image or keeping the natural patina of the photograph.

35mm Color Slide scanned at 3000 dpi = $.50/each
35mm and APS Negatives, color or black and white, scanned at 3000 dpi = $.50/each
110, 126, 127 Slides/Negatives scanned at 3000 dpi = $1.00/each
Stereo slides, 35mm single frame negatives scanned at 3000 dpi = $1.00/each
35 mm Negative Strips scanned at 3000 dpi = $1.00/strip

You ask, “Why it is more expensive to digitize individual photographs than to digitize slides and negatives?” Photographs cannot be scanned in bulk and the larger DPI requires a longer scan time.  Negative and slides can be scanned in bulk.  Their smaller size requires less scan time.

Are you ready to have us digitize those old photos, slides, and negatives?

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Tips for Packing to Ship:
Place items together or separately in a plastic bag (Ziploc or comparable) to ensure that
they are not damaged by moisture
Fill the box with padding so that materials don’t shuffle during their mailing journey
Use a sturdy box, not an envelope
Make a brief inventory list of the contents
Fill out this form to include with your materials:
Send the box to:
Archive Your Past, 3437 S. 17th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53215