We offer both local service and nationwide (USA) mail order!

Looking for a “Box Deal”?  Grab a sturdy box and keep count.  Follow the “Tips for Packing to Ship” below.  Fill out this form.  Send me an email ( to let me know your box is on its way!  I’ll confirm the arrival of the box, condition, and expected invoice cost.
Follow the pricing guide:
Items                      Photos and Slides
0-20                              $25
21-40                             $50
41-60                             $75
61-80                            $100
81-100                          $125
101-200                       $250
201-300                       $375
301-400                       $500

Each additional 100 items will incur an additional $70 fee
No grouping or labeling service is available with the “Box Deal”

Looking for a “Fill the Box” package?
Use an official USPS Medium Flat Rate Box (11.25Lx 8.75Wx6H or 14Lx12Wx3.5H) to send your materials to be digitized and we will subtract the shipping cost from your invoicing AND send the materials back to you at no cost.   Now that’s a deal!

USPS Medium Flat Rate Box 11.25 x 8.75= $400 flat rate price (minus $32 shipping costs)
USPS Medium Flat Rate Box 14 x 12=$500 flat rate price (minus $32 shipping costs)

What can I fit in either box? Photos, negatives, slides, VHS, documents.  The second box is perfect for items that are bigger than a piece of standard paper like photo albums and scrapbooks.
No grouping or labeling service is available with the “Fill the Box” Deal

Fill out this form!

Tips for Packing to Ship:

Place items together or separately in a plastic bag (Ziploc or comparable) to ensure that
they are not damaged by moisture
Fill the box with padding so that materials don’t shuffle during their mailing journey
Use a sturdy box, not an envelope
Make a brief inventory list of the contents (for your use)
Fill out this form to include with your materials:
Send the box to:
Archive Your Past, 3437 S. 17th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53215